Thursday, 26 June 2014

English as a foreign language (EFL) lesson resources

These are for all you assistants who are sat twiddling your thumbs because you've been asked to prepare a whole lesson on a really obscure topic you know nothing about, or are wondering why you've travelled from the other side of Europe to teach students who don't pay attention to what you spent ages preparing. Below are some lesson plans, worksheets and presentations that I made. Feel free to download and use them at your leisure for teaching purposes. The timing, organisation and relevance of the resources are explained in the lesson plans.

English culture lesson plan
English culture in the media sheet

English culture in the media

English literature lesson plan

English literature sheet
English literature crossword
English literature crossword answers

English literature class game

Halloween lesson plan
Halloween sheet
Halloween crossword
Halloween crossword answers
Halloween bingo

Christmas lesson plan

Christmas quiz
Christmas quiz answers
Christingle sheet

New Year lesson plan

New Year sheet

Sports lesson plan

Inventions lesson plan

Mobile phones quiz

Mobile phones quiz answers

Dilemmas lesson plan

Dilemma story
What kind of person are you quiz

Sales shopping lesson plan
Sales shopping
Sales shopping answers

Accents answers

Recycling class game

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas questions
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas answers

English culture presentation
English culture presentation notes
English culture presentation activities
English culture presentation activities answers

At the shop dialogue
At the train station dialogue

How to create a successful business presentation
This was for one of those classes that I was asked to prepare but never asked to conduct so it hasn't been tried and tested.

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