Thursday, 27 March 2014


My classes have been dying down recently. Last week there was a school trip and a public holiday, so I only worked 1 hour! Most of my lessons seem to be changed or cancelled these days and all of my private classes have faded out now. In a way that feels easier because with so many inconsistent classes I never know whether I'm coming or going. On the other hand, I often wonder why I'm even here. At least now I only have 1 more week of work until the Easter holidays and 5 more weeks of work after that, so I'm trying my best to hang on in there. 

Due to this I have even more free time, which I am trying to use productively by going to the gym, revising Spanish and preparing for my final year at uni, mainly my dissertation. I'm really enjoying the new gym I'm going to, which is called Women's Fitness. I don't feel like I'm being judged like I have at other gyms because there are no men, lots of the other women are beginners and overweight and the classes are relaxed. They usually don't mind if you stop for a break or change to another class. The only annoying thing is that the classes don't seem to stick to the timetable so you never really know what to expect. I think its a Melilla thing. I'm actually on a bit of health kick (or trying) and and I have discovered myfitnesspal, which is a great app for keeping count of your calories. I did enjoy riding my bike in my free time, but my neighbour was becoming irrationally irritated with it being parked in the entrance, so I've finally sold it to get her off my back.

I applied for ONE Campaign's Youth Ambassador Programme and was accepted as one of 20 ONE Youth Ambassadors from the UK.  This involves attending a Power Summit that will bring Youth Ambassadors from across Europe together in Brussels in July and receiving training on how to campaign, lobby decision-makers and talk to the media. This seemed like an ideal summer project for me, but unfortunately as I won't be based in the UK until June I had to pull out. However, they said they loved my application and encouraged me to apply again next year.

You can transport things over
the Moroccan border as long
as you can carry them...

Another basketball match

Meal out at El Caracol Moderno II

Desperate times trying to
 get my phone back.
It's locked so I figured
whoever does have it would
rather have a reward
than a useless phone

Some people may be wondering why they haven't been able to contact me recently and this is because I lost my phone last Sunday. I have no idea exactly where or how, but I think I misplaced it and somebody stole it, because it had a full battery but was switched off when someone tried to call it shortly after its loss. I've put up posters and reported it to the police, but it hasn't got me anywhere so I've bought a new phone online which will hopefully be covered by my insurance. I should have it by the first week of April. I still have my English SIM card and I've managed to cancel the Spanish SIM card that was inside the phone and get a replacement with the same number.

Most of the other English people are going home for Easter (7th-18th April), but I decided not to because I was anticipating having visitors. It turns out I'm not having visitors now, so I'm here for 2 weeks on my own with no plans and booking a flight home is too expensive, which I'm pretty peeved about. The good news is that I'm off to Fes (again) with my flatmate my flatmate this weekend and Barcelona next weekend to meet my mum and sister, which will be a nice start to the Easter holidays. The bad news is that I don't have a camera to take any photos because I always used my phone. I ordered my phone to mum's house because buying things in Spain is so expensive, so if all goes to plan she will bring it to Barcelona for me.

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