Friday, 14 February 2014

Back to normal

This week I've been getting back to normal. I'm starting to enjoy having more English classes, because I don't have to spend hours and hours teaching myself the Geography syllabus any more. I've also been given more freedom with the pupils, which has given me the opportunity to prepare my own activities and get to know them. I've learnt quite a few names, but I can't imagine I'll learn them all before I leave, because there are so many of them and lots of them have the same name! Next week will be more exciting because Maria and my new flat mate will arrive.

The landlord text me 3 weeks ago saying he was in Nador (a city over the border in Morocco). I assumed he sent that text because he was coming to the flat, so I cleaned it and prepared for his arrival. However, he didn't arrive and as you can imagine, it wasn't particularly nice coming home and wondering whether a strange man would be there. 2 weeks later, at the worst possible time when my parents were here, I was celebrating my birthday and the flat was a mess, he decided to arrive. He's now been here for a week and has irritated me by rearranging the furniture, shutting the blinds so my washing doesn't dry, waking me up late at night and early in the morning to talk to me and using loads of toilet paper. He's leaving tomorrow and my new flat mate is coming on Sunday, both of which I'm looking forward to.

The weather has been unpredictable recently. I was talking to someone who grew up here, and she said the weather used to be consistently warm, but nowadays this is not the case. One day it can be cold, rainy and windy like autumn and the next hot and sunny like summer. Sometimes it goes from one extreme to the other in one day, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose what to wear. After recent weather events in the US and UK maybe people will start to realise that this is the result of climate change, which doesn't just cause global warming, but general extreme weather.

I've become a bit lazy since I came here, partly because I was so exhausted after working all summer and partly because I don't have much to do. I'm trying to get motivated to do my coursework, improve my Spanish, start my dissertation and do some exercise but its easier said than done! I'm unhappy with the gym I'm going to because its quite far away and there aren't many classes that I like. I heard about another gym that is closer to my house called Women's Fitness which is a similar price to Santa's gym and has a greater variety of classes, so I think I will start going there. Either that or I might start going for a run down the promenade, although I feel a bit shy to do that in public. I still haven't sorted out my bike, either.

I have a very nice neighbour who lives above me. She likes baking and sometimes brings me some really tasty cakes. After spending some time with her I discovered there is a terrace on the fourth floor of the apartment. I went to have a look and despite the cold and windy conditions at the time, there were very nice views of the city.

View from the upstairs terrace

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