Thursday, 9 January 2014

I'm back!

Sadly, the week before I left Melilla for England I didn't work on Monday or Tuesday because I became ill with a sore throat and couldn't speak very well! I was shocked that it cost me 6 euros to pay for 2o throat sweets, so I brought a large pack of Soothers (English throat sweets) back with me to Melilla in case it happens again. Fortunately I felt better for my last day and I was able to do my Christmas lessons at school. The younger children generally didn't really enjoy trying my mince pies and the Christmas pudding, although the older children and the teachers seemed to enjoy them.

It felt so nice to be in England again and I took advantage of eating English food whenever I could. I enjoyed speaking English and catching up with most of my friends and family, although unfortunately there wasn't enough time to see all of them, or they were busy with other festivities.

On Tuesday I woke up at 3am after less than 4 hours sleep. Mum and nan then kindly drove me to London Gatwick airport for my 7:40am flight! I felt ripped off when I had to check the weight of my luggage at the north terminal, because the scales charged £1! It was a sad goodbye, but my mum and her boyfriend, Adam, are coming to visit me next month. Therefore, I didn't feel too bad, but it was especially sad to say goodbye to my nan and sister, because I don't know when I'll see them next.

I managed to fit loads of English
food into my suitcase, although it
was too heavy to bring the
baked beans

Due to the bad, windy weather in the UK, the take off actually felt quite scary. However, the rest of the flight was fine. Actually, it was better than fine, because it was with British Airways (for some reason that was the cheapest flight I could find)! I was able to take 23kg of luggage and a small suitcase and handbag in the cabin. After struggling to cram my life in 20kg when flying with Ryanair or EasyJet, this felt like luxury. I even got a free breakfast!

The sky was beautiful after we rose above
 the darkness below

Mountainous Spanish landscape

I arrived in Málaga at about 11:30am. Unfortunately because I booked my flights separately (it's cheaper that way) I had to collect my luggage, exit arrivals and come back in through departures. There was a ridiculously long queue to check in at the Iberia desks, but whilst queuing I saw the other assistant at my school, Jack, who to my surprise had arrived on the same flight as me. Although the next flight to Melilla was at 1:30pm, we had to wait until 3pm, because that flight was cheaper. Sometimes I think transport prices are ridiculous and don't make any sense. 

Arriving in Málaga: very low over the sea!

When I arrived at the airport I was happy and surprised to see that my friend Andrew from church was there to pick me up. People at my church are very friendly and the pastor, Adrián, had also offered me a lift, but was away and had asked Andrew to come instead. Andrew and his wife, Joanna, are from South Carolina in America. I've been to their flat for lunch and a movie night and they are very friendly people. I'm happy to have some nice new friends here.

It feels very strange to be back, like I'm going through culture shock all over again. I feel like the little progress I did make with my Spanish has gone in reverse because I got so used to speaking English over the holidays. Hopefully by next week things will be back to normal.

Only small planes fly to Melilla

This sweet dog reminded me
of my mum's dog, Alfie

Yesterday was my first day back at work. It was a really good day because I had my two favourite classes, in which we discussed our holidays and started speaking activities. I met the new Geography teacher who teaches in English and Spanish, so more English classes will definitely be happening and I will get my new timetable next week. After only one day of work I'm back to my days off!

Today I've been feeling a bit angry because I've run out of gas for hot water again and my phone isn't working again. I called the gas company to order more cans, but they never showed up. I spent hours trying to contact Vodafone and Apple, but my phone still isn't working. The problem is I replaced my broken one and Apple said it will have the same settings as the previous one and still be unlocked. However, it isn't accepting my Spanish SIM card and Apple have said I need to restore my phone using iTunes, but for some reason I can't connect my phone to iTunes to do so. Therefore, I've wasted my day waiting for the gas man who didn't arrive and trying to sort out my phone, but failing. On the up side, as you can see I can now take decent photos again.
 I guess tomorrow is another day!

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