Thursday, 5 December 2013

Good news!

This week I've had some good news! The school recently had an exam to hire a new English speaking Geography teacher, which, if all goes to plan, means I won't need to struggle with Geography lessons any more after Christmas! I've actually been getting on with the Geography teacher quite well recently and she sometimes gives me lifts home, but I'm really looking forward to just teaching English lessons. At the moment I only have 2 English lessons on Wednesdays, but I feel that I know the pupils in both of those classes better and I usually find myself smiling and happier afterwards. I know it seems a bit too early, but I did a lesson on Christmas in England this week because I only have a few weeks left before I go home for Christmas. My lesson involved a Christmas quiz and I gave the winner a Christmas cracker (they don't have them in Spain) which the class seemed to get excited about. I also taught them about Christingles. Christingles are a Christian tradition for children in churches in  England and Germany during Christmas. The orange represents the world, the red ribbon the blood of Jesus, the 4 cocktail sticks the 4 seasons, the sweets God's gift to the world and the candle Jesus as the light of the world.

One of the better Christingles,
the rest of them had faces drawn
on and the sweets didn't last
very long (My phone camera is
broken so all my photos will
be bad quality until I get
a new one)

During my time here I have to do some work for the Spanish part of my degree. So far I've had to write learning targets and a monthly reflective blog. This month I have to do a project of my choice, which includes reviewing Spanish articles, recording an interview with a Spanish native speaker and writing an essay on the topic. I have chosen to research illegal immigration between Morocco and Melilla, which isn't the easiest topic to talk about. However, I went to La Cruz Roja (the Red Cross) because I completed the online course for volunteers and received my certificate. I asked if they had anyone I could talk to about immigration and they said they would contact CETI (Centro de Estancia Temporal de Inmigrantes, Centre for the Temporary Stay of Immigrants) to find someone. I also went to the government offices and they gave me an appointment for Tuesday, but I'm not entirely certain that I will be able to do the interview. I'm feeling slightly worried because the deadline for my project is Thursday 12th December. Tomorrow is a public holiday and I'm at working Monday to Wednesday, which makes it difficult to find a time to do the interview, especially with Spain's early closing times.

La Cruz Roja certificate

It hasn't been the easiest week this week partly because the gas ran out at the weekend, which is the source of heating for the water (unfortunately I don't have any central heating). I could either go to a petrol station to buy a gas can and attempt to carry it home or wait until I had a free day when I could stay in the house in order to call the gas delivery in the morning and wait for it to be delivered later that day. I chose the latter and waited for the new gas can to be delivered. Lo and behold, the gas still didn't work and I was starting to feel pretty desperate and concerned about my body odour after not showering for 5 days! I asked the person who delivered the gas to help me and he said it needed a new battery. I later replaced the battery and to my frustration, still couldn't get the fire to light. I have a really nice neighbour who lives above me and who sometimes brings Laura and I cakes, so I asked for her help and she managed to get someone from a maintenance shop across the road to come and have a look. After all the fuss, it turns out this idiot didn't know how to light the gas. Anyway, more good news is I now have hot water and can enjoy the luxury of a warm shower again!

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