Monday, 29 July 2013


I've been accepted as an English Language Assistant at a secondary school in Melilla, a Spanish colony on the north coast of Africa where I will be teaching English to Spanish young people. In 2 months’ time I will be attending an introductory course in Madrid and then travelling to Melilla to teach for the third year of my degree. I will then return to the University of Chester in September 2014 to complete my fourth and final year. 

The location of Melilla

During my time in Spain I hope to improve my Spanish, travel around the surrounding areas of Spain and Africa and experience a combination of both cultures. I am also hoping to do some research on immigration in Melilla for my dissertation, because as a European region within Africa, Melilla attracts immigrants seeking to find their way into Europe to escape the difficulties of African life. Whether I will have time to undertake this project, I will find out.

At the moment I'm feeling quite nervous about moving to a country I've never been to before and speaking a language that I've only been studying for 2 years, but I'm getting reassurance from friends who have had similar experiences. I'm currently revising the basics of Spanish so they are fresh in my mind when I arrive and organising essentials such as travel and accommodation. The school that I will be working at is quite close to Melilla's airport (and a 30 minute walk from the beach!), but alternatively, I may fly to the south coast of Spain and catch a boat across the Mediterranean sea instead, as this appears to be a cheaper and more accessible option.

I've set up this blog for those of my family and friends who are interested so they can easily keep up to date with what I'm doing. I will try to update this as regularly as possible once I've arrived. At first I decided was going to write in both English and Spanish, but I changed my mind because think translating everything in Spanish will be too difficult and I want to maintain the quality of my English.

The preparation continues...

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